Dethacher/Power Rake


20" Power Rake, for thatch removal before overseeding.

A dethatcher, (also called a power rake) removes thatch.? Thatch is a layer of semi-decomposed grass and organic material that accumulates above the soil faster than it can be absorbed. Thatch build-up is a normal occurrence and is not necessarily harmful to the lawn; until it gets too thick. Poor mulching mower performance can be a big contributor to thatch build-up.? Excess thatch forms a barrier between soil and the water, nutrients, and air required for a healthy lawn, and it may serve as a perfect breeding ground for damaging lawn diseases.? If thatch is more than ½ thick, you should consider dethatching. The easiest way to test this is to take a garden trowel, dig a small hole, and measure the organic material at the top of the soil. It should not exceed ½”. You can also use a hollow metal pipe to remove a core of soil, and measure that way.? However you do it, it’s best to check several areas of your lawn since build-up can be irregular. ? • 20" Power Rake • 5.5 HP B&S Intek OHV Engine • Heavy duty construction with infinate depth control • Foldable handles • Steel guards to protect bearings and pulleys • Heavy duty wheels • Can be converted into a Overseeder with a conversion kit • 160 lbs


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