20" Overseeder with "Auto Drop" which automatically starts or stops seed drop with bale engagement.

An overseeder (or a slit-seeder as it’s sometimes called) cuts into the soil with a series of rotating blades and drop seeds into the slits it makes. It’s great for transforming a thin lawn into a lush one. These blades cut into the soil forming narrow grooves, the depth of which is determined by adjusting the machine,?preferably?1/2" deep. The hardness of the soil, usually related to the moisture content, is a factor in how deeply the blades will cut. A hopper mounted on the front of the machine is filled with grass seed that is mixed into the soil at a rate that is determined and adjusted by the machine’s user.?2 crisscross passes are best using half the rate of seed for each pass. ? • 20" Overseeder with Auto Drop system • 5.5 HP B&S Intek OHV Engine • Heavy duty construction with infinate depth control • 25 lb. front mounted poly seed box • Foldable handles • Steel guards to protect bearings and pulleys • Heavy duty wheels • 177 lbs


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